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Read our review of Embrace the Choas from Our Sound Music Ltd

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'full of  thumping drums, rumbling bass lines, epic guitar riffs that were designed for stadiums and powerful vocals'. 


‘Full of soaring blues style guitar riffs and an instantly captivating drum beat.'

‘They [COLUMBIA] thunderously stroll in with loads of confidence on a vigorous single packed full of powerful solos and passionate vocals that is a breath-taking listen, full of world class appeal.’     


'With poignant lyrics and an ethereal sound, it has a stripped-back style akin to Noel Gallagher’s more introspective and soul-searching songs found on early Oasis acoustic B-sides.’


‘It's an explosive piece of rock 'n' roll that will destroy all those who stand in its path.'


‘As though Richards’ devilment made its way into Stephen Stills’ soul in his Manassas period. Dark and satanic, it’s escapism at its best!’

’An instantly captivating hit… James Dean Bradfield-style relentless riffs… viscerally explosive Indie Rock.’

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